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Wellness Coaching 

Working Out with a Physio Ball

Wellness Coaching

What in the world is a Wellness Coach?
As your Wellness Coach I work
with you to
assess your current goals. I then help you to create a
plan of action, which we generate together over the next month or
longer, to help you meet your goals, step-by-step, and generate
new, healthier habits!

Senior Couple Doing Yoga

 Wellness Coaching Includes

Time-frame: min. 4 weeks- max. 12 weeks

Package includes...

*Initial In-Person Consultation

*Guided Meditation (audio-file)

*Weekly Meal Plans & Recipes

*Grocery Shopping Tips

*2 Weekly Check-Ins

(via online applications or phone)

*1 Food & Scheduling Journal

*Weekly Affirmations or Wellness Tips

*Strategic Goal Setting Outlines 

(to be completed with your Coach)

Now Only $75 per week

Note: Clients must agree to the following for coaching

*Client must commit to full participation and being "Coach-able"

*No refunds or cancellations except in cases of mental health concerns or extreme and unforeseeable events.


A' La Cart

*$55 Personalized Meal Plan & Recipes
Work with your Coach to get a personalized Meal Plan, including
recipes, made for your goals, 
dietary needs and preferences.

After gathering information & insights, your Coach will custom
design your plan 
which you will receive in approx. 3 days. 
(food not included/1 week plan)

*1 Week's worth of Meal Plans

*Grocery Shopping Tips


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