Cryoskin Treatments


Shaping Packages
Shaping sessions help permanently reduce fat cells and contour the body for smoother lines! This amazing cold therapy is painless and has no side effects.  

*Ten Sessions $2,400
This pack is a great way to kick off your journey to losing inches and shaping those hard to affect areas like the double chin, underarms and even that stubborn belly fat!
Let the journey begin!

*Fifteen Sessions $3,000
The fifteen pack is great for that difficult area you know just needs some extra attention and time like the belly,
inner thighs or love handles.
Let's get to work!

*Twenty Sessions $3,500
The twenty pack is for those who know it is time to get serious about losing those areas that NO amount of
dieting or exercise seem to get rid of!
Let Salud help you reach your body goals!
(Note: these packages are not for cellulite)


facial Packages
Facial Sessions help  tighten the skin and stimulate  
collagen production. 

The Facial includes the face and chin or can include the
upper chest and chin (

*Five Facial Sessions $750
Ready to look your best before a wedding or graduation pictures? The five pack is going to give you amazing results!

*Ten Facial Sessions $1,000
(limited time sale price)

*Fifteen Facial Sessions $1,5
Time to get serious about fewer wrinkles, tighter, better
quality skin and looking younger?
Then the ten or fifteen  pack is for you.
Let's start your journey to younger, healthier skin today! 



toning Packages

The Toning Sessions are for sagging, low quality skin and areas such as the abdomen, under-arms, upper legs & knees or other larger areas.

*Ten Toning Sessions $2,000
($1,000 for Arm -Limited Time Sale)
Ready to work on that loose skin around your belly or underarms? Let's get started! The ten pack will help you tone and tighten.

*Fifteen Toning Sessions $3,000
*Twenty Toning Sessions $3,500
Serious work for serious results. Let's work on those areas that exercise and salves just can't fix!
Great for post pregnancy belly, women dealing with menopause and anyone wanting to heal and improve skin quality.

*Note: Toning packages take considerably more time and cover larger areas and thus, are priced accordingly.


Cryoskin Cellulite

The Cellulite sessions use both Slimming and Toning to work on fat deposits and the underlying connective tissue and skin that, together, create the 'dimpled' texture of cellulite.
These sessions are used exclusively for the 'saddlebag' area
of the thighs and under the buttocks.

*Ten Pack $ 2,000
Recommended for areas about the size of a postcard.

*Fifteen Pack $3,000
Recommended for areas about the size of a legal envelope.

*Twenty Pack $3,500
Recommended for areas that have extreme 'dimpling'.

Cryo Pain Relief Setting

Try this as an add-on or as a monthly package for reducing
inflammation, swelling and pain.
Great for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Tendonitis, Post Surgery, Sprains, Strains and more!

*One Add-On Session $35
Use this one session as an add-on to your massage session 
or other therapy to help ease severe pain NOW!
(approx. 15 mins.)

*Two Pack $65
*Three Pack $85
*Four Pack $100
Get help minimizing your pain from all sorts of injuries
and ailments with a series of sessions.
Sessions last approximately 15 minutes but, the
pain reduction is long lasting! 

(Packages must be used within one month's time)